Before and after results


I started training with dean at the start of April 2019 doing one on one pt, I moved out of the area but kept it up using his online personal training app and used his services via video call to get into my best ever shape by April 2020.


great results after 12 weeks 65 years old and trained hard and is now much stronger, Fitter and got the fat loss she wanted 


Great results with Dave after 5

weeks , Smashing it already less than halfway through the 12 week fat loss program 


Great results with Alvo after 5 months, worked hard and it pays off well done mate.


Great results with kelly after 10 weeks of training well deserved


Great results with chloe using my online pt app for really fast results 


Great to have a results transformation with Sarah after only 2 weeks amazing.


well done to Jade got these great results after 7 weeks, Worked hard with me and in her own sessions using my personal training app. 

well done to Teneeshia got these great results after 7 weeks. Smashed the pt sessions  with me and in her own sessions using my personal training app.